3D Asset Delivery Checklist

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To improve our quality control to make sure our clients get the best. And to train ourselves in staying sharp when it comes to exporting assets. We use a delivery checklist for exporting 3D assets. Today I want to share this list with you to improve your own work output.

Delivery checklist

1)  Is the mesh clean?

Topology, double vertices, broken edges, inverted faces, etc

2)  Are the pivot and mesh locations correct?

Often this should be at the origin, 0.0.0

3)  Are the Transform, Rotate & Scale values correct?

Freeze/Reset the objects

4)  Are the vertex normal smoothings correct?

Use Weighted Vertex Normals

5)  Are the UV channels correct?

Double check and cleanup UV channel list

6)  Are the materials correctly assigned?

Double check the materials list and naming

7)  Is the naming correct?

Meshes: SM_ObjectName_01
Materials: M_MaterialName_01
Joints: J_BoneName_01
Animations: A_AnimationName_01
(FBX) files: SM_ObjectName_01
Textures: T_TextureName_C, _M, _R, _N

8)  Is the hierarchy correct?

Correct root groups, skeleton hierarchy, rigging, etc

9)  Are the animations correct?

30 fps, no animations on root object, correct curves, etc

10)  Are the animation tracks & timelines correct?

Correct loops, timeline length, track naming, etc

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