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Oreo: Behold the Oreoverse

Dunk into the Oreoverse in a brand new 3D browser experience. Explore a unique Oreo world that is playable anywhere at any time  during the campaign. Four mini games await visitors to aim for the best high score.

A collaboration between Oreo, Martin, Media.Monks and High Priority Art. Our part involved taking the design files and recreating the world in an extremely optimized 3D browser experience. Reducing loading times and download size while maintaining the unique look and feel of the world.

Through the close collaboration with the experienced web team at Media.Monks and our expertise in optimizing 3D art for games and web. We were able to bring an unoptimized four gigabyte 3D mockup scene down to a 10 Megabyte experience. Including the entire world, textures and animation.

By assisting the Media.Monks web team with easy to implement files and models. We were able to reduce their need for QA and so creating more time for them to improve and polish the overall experience.

Our role:

  • Highly optimizing the 3D world for a browser experience
  • Taking a professional stance to help media.monks handle in-the-moment feedback and situations
  • Assisting and thinking with media.monks to optimizing the experience for web
Behold The Oreoverse Logo
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The client needs:

Having a four gigabyte 3D file containing the entire design of the oreoverse world. Used for print and static visuals. The client had to transform this world into a max 20 Megabyte browser game. Reducing loading times and download size for visitors.

Our solution:

After a thorough evaluation of the goals of the world and style. We set off to build a strong foundation of all the assets and terrain so the media.monks team can easily build in custom optimization. Breaking down each asset into its own, heavily reducing poly counts, rebuilding assets where needed and completely redoing the UV’s and textures. We were able to give a very well organized scene back to media.monks. Enabling them to easily and rapidly implement everything.

The result:

Thanks to our planning and methods, media.monks was able to get a first version running in the browser within two weeks. Enabling rapid iterations and learnings. As a result we were able to do deliveries way before schedule. Giving time to polish the overall experience and deliver a unique browser experience to the Oreo brand.


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