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Cargo Ships

A harbor management game that resolves around successfully maintaining an ever growing cargo area. Players build cargo cranes, container depots, logistics and traffic. The goal is to build the most effective cargo handling area.

Cargo Ships Logo

Our role:

  • Style exploration
  • Art direction & management
  • Diorama proof of concept
  • All directly into unity and ready for development

The client needs:

Helping with and finding a matching art style within the games technical setup. Low to no texture use, light shaders & easy to implement. The main goal being to reach an easy to read visual point. No matter how complex a players harbor becomes.

Our solution:

Our short look-dev phase where we guided the client though easy to understand steps. From early style boards to final direction, and the implementation of the direction within the 3D diorama. Built directly in Unity.

The result:

In less than six weeks we took the client through our look-dev journey and produced a great proof of concept of how the art style will look like in the end product. One beautiful and easy to understand diorama. Something for the client to grasp onto and take into production and investor talks.

High Priority - Cargo Ships v2 1
High Priority - Cargo Ships v2 3
High Priority - Cargo Ships v2 5
High Priority - Cargo Ships v2 9
High Priority - Cargo Ships v2 10