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HP Laptop Series 2021

A new range of laptop models by HP. Built together with Media Monks to create a web based product presentation website.

Our role:

  • Improve client delivered laptop meshes & QA
  • Material and texture creation. Final model delivery
  • Close collab with the Media Monks dev team to get it all implemented at a top level quality
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The client needs:

Having had the laptop meshes built by an external team. The client needed someone with the expertise to bring it all together in a web3D platform. Combined with applying QA and double checking everything, so the dev team at Media Monks can simply implement without worry. A “needs to be done yesterday” project. Pressure like that is what we are good at!

Our solution:

Taking all the models from the external team. We took the extra time to do deep QA and resolve any problems within the meshes. Reducing the amount of problems down the line. Followed by taking a deep dive into the technical laptop papers to get all the materials and textures correct. Our goal, to reduce the hassle for the dev team and managers at Media Monks by aiming for a perfect delivery of the models. Plug and play.

The result:

17 great looking laptop models, working and visually looking great on the web3D platform built by Media Monks. With correct animations, colors and materials.


Laptop Families


Laptop Models

High Priority - HP Spectre 2
High Priority - HP Envy 1
High Priority - HP Envy 3
High Priority - HP OPP 1
High Priority - HP OPP 2
High Priority - HP Pavilion