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Smurfs: Swamp Adventure

Swamp Adventure is one of the many rides in the Smurf theme park, Smurfs Village. An entire theme park where visitors enter the world of the smurfs as if they are a smurf themselves.

The GameChanger darkride

The Smurf’s Swamp Adventure is an award-winning Lagotronics Projects GameChanger production made for Shimao Group in Shanghai. It consists out of 4x interactive gaming scenes set in the world of the Smurfs. In this exciting GameChanger ride, Gargamel has setup a trap to capture the smurfs, and guests are tasked with saving the smurfs from capture by throwing smurf berries as they navigate the dangerous swamp.

Our role:

  • Environment art asset production
  • Art direction & management
  • Character production management, art direction and technical QA
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The client needs:

Having strong in-house capabilities for producing and engineering the robotics, physical assets and the overall ride itself. Lagotronics was seeking external support for the virtual aspect of the ride. They reach out to us for not only producing the visuals. But also for early look-development and for overall art direction support and management.

Our solution:

After a short look-development phase, with our regular diorama approach. We opted to split different facets of art production between different companies. The production time frame was limited and so we had to seek ways to overlap production where possible. Our team would handle environment art production, art direction and overall art management. Where Exodo would produce the characters under guidance and management from us. And xForm would build and finalize the scenes.

The result:

Produced in less than 4 months. Together we were able to create a living world inside the GameChanger dark ride. Combining the strength of the different teams made it possible to complete the project on time. The ride and theme park opened its doors to the public in 2020.


Fully animated scenes


Environment models


Character models

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