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Racer Look-Dev

A look-development project to discover a fresh take on the top down racing games similar to micro machines. Bold colors, striking shapes and a unique hand-painted style results in a strong visual art direction.

Our role:

  • Initiating a look-development phase with 3D diorama and resulting platform visuals for investor demonstrations.
  • Guiding the client into artistic decisions, art direction and any early tech-art related questions.
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The client needs:

After building a prototype to prove the mechanics, fun factor and product value. The client was ready to show-case a demo to potential investors and publishers. Strong visuals are a key part to these presentations, however, the project was lacking any artistic progress. And so the client reached out to us to get involved and initiate and produce a look-development phase.

Our solution:

Our regular suggested approach of creating a small diorama scene directly into the targeted platform, in this case Unity, was a perfect fit. A small but efficient scene that allows for quick iterations and changes to the art style. Making it easy to open up talks about the visuals and direction. And so directly involving the client in the design process.

The result:

Producing both the scene and a single vehicle with multiple skins, gave the project a strong artistic boost. A first step at defining the look & feel. Together with the supplied images as seen below, the client was able to incorporate the results into the investor presentations.


Optimized diorama scene


Vehicle with four skins


Props & Objects

High Priority- Racer Make Way - Env 02
High Priority- Racer Make Way - Env 04
High Priority- Racer Make Way - Env 03
High Priority- Racer Make Way - Cars 02
High Priority- Racer Make Way - Cars 01
High Priority- Racer Make Way - Cars 03