High Priority – Game Art

Small work enhancing tools for artists

As an experienced artist and now running an art team, we understand that having the right tools can be a major difference in work speed and creative output. That’s why we recommend you try some of these small but powerful tools that we have discovered over the years and have come to rely on.



This tool allows you to create a reference board on your desktop, which is great for keeping visual inspiration close at hand while you work. Easily add images and have them auto arranged. We save these boards next to the work files of a project. So all our team members are working from the same references and inspiration.



An online art board tool. Easy to share and collaborate on with your team. It goes beyond an art board with feature like flow charts and other management methods. A must have tool for artist and creative team.

LightShot screenshot tool


This tool allows you to quickly take screenshots and add annotations, making it easy to communicate your ideas and collaborate with others. Also perfect for when on screen sharing calls for quick sketches.



Quick and easy thumbnail previews of all your image files directly in windows explorer, including those not supported by windows. PSDs, TIFFs, TGAs, etc.

FastStone image viewer


This tool is a fast and easy way to view, edit, and convert your images. Lean and fast for efficient image previewing.

Direct folders


This tool allows you to quickly navigate to your most frequently used folders, saving you time and streamlining your workflow. With a middle click you get direct access to a customizable menu, similar to your right click.

Interactive Color wheel by Canva


Quickly pick and find complementary, triadic or other color sets. With hex values to quickly add to photoshop or other tools.

NormalMap Online


This online tool allows you to easily create normal maps from your images. Quick and dirty like the old Crazy Bump. For better control, look into Substance Sampler.

Online Seamless Texture Checker


A super fast way to check how texture tile, online and drag & drop. Sadly only support JPG, PNG and Webp files though.

Online Make Seamless Textures


Upload a texture and get the seamless version back. For quick tile-able texture creation.

Skybox by Blockadelabs.com


An AI skybox generator. Give a promp and a 360 skybox is created for you.



An AI texturing tool allowing you to create textures from prompts, upscale images you upload, make seamless textures from uploaded images, and a few other options.

By incorporating them into your workflow, you can save time, increase your productivity, and focus on the most important: creativity & flow.